March 7, 2021

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Why Should you use Drones to Market Real Estate?

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The real estate marketing field is shifting. The industry shows new technologies , new customers and new innovations. With buyers seeing unfamiliar properties at home, the internet has changed the game for realtors around the globe. The Wall Street Journal states that people who seek new properties spend about 60% of their time on images of a permanent object.

What you might not have known is that the newest big jump has already arrived in the property show. You have already seen them in famous local parks or YouTube, but the globe today is storming with remotely controlled drones. Experts have concluded already that 83% of clients prefer to work with drones. Significant consulting firms believe that drones may already be worth up to $127 billion in applicable industries. Let us consider the advantages of drone use in marketing property.

How do immobilizing drones work?
These devices are currently used for sports events, films and even some security firms. And in real estate, of course. You could risk getting left behind if you don’t keep up with the competition!
Visual messaging of this nature speaks for itself: houses with aerial pictures sell 68% quicker than without. A drone can collect a whole lot in a few minutes, by flying over, instead of hours of photo, panoramas, and lighting, if a customer asks to see the property.

This is one of the reasons why 73% of customers are more likely to use videos to list their agents. Slow zooming, assembly, a plot captured from any angle at any distance with one simple tool.

It gives a unique perspective, movement and dynamism into any marketing or property strategy for your company. Only the new perspective you need can be this!


Pros and Cons of using Drones

flying drone


First and foremost, drones allow you to show your customers the whole outside without the comprehensive process of house visits or photoshootings from harder perspectives that require competent photographers. You can shoot the entire area within a few minutes.

You are also able to capture the land you can’t get from any other medium with unique photos. The eyes of the bird could be seen in the immediate vicinity, 360 panoramas outside the house, and none of them could be seen right down the street. In front of a drone.

The ability of the drone to capture video also implies that your content can be much more concise. There is no need for an entire album of images from the website-an external video will be produced.

They can provide up-to – date, concentrated details on certain parts of the house that a photographer can not reach: taking windows and top floors is much simpler than before.

Smaller drones can also be used to demonstrate a home ‘s interior, allowing you to capture wider corners and more dynamic living space photographs (with a well-qualified pilot, of course).



Obviously, you need to find someone with the right skillset to use a drone, and if you want to buy one to try out yourself, they can often come at very high prices.

Typically, the drones are very noisy, so you need approval from the neighbour and you are likely to want consent from someone with kids or animals in the area.

Legally, it’s still very complicated until you have permission to fly drones. Within 150 feet of man, car or land, you are prohibited from flying outside the jurisdiction, over a congested area, near airport, near airfields, etc. You need someone who understands what it is that they do.

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