May 9, 2021

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Provence Residence

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Provence Residence is positioned between the current MRT station in Canberra and the MRT station...
Provence Residence Location

Provence Residence is positioned between the current MRT station in Canberra and the MRT station in Sembawang. Near to the Provence Residence venue, the new Bukit Canberra integrated sport and cultural center is also situated. A senior center, polyclinic, hawker center and sports center will be included in the 12-hectare property.

Although Canberra is still relatively young, with several forthcoming projects, it is a property location to follow. Thanks to its convenient neighborhood, the location is excellent for family life and investment, enabling people to easily reach anything they need. A shopping centre, an MRT and a sports center are some of the projects under way. They are all ready to change community lives. Any of the services in store for the tenants are Canberra Plaza, Canberra MRT and Sembawang Hotspot Spring Park injections.

In addition, this peaceful community is well related to multiple cities, services , and facilities. It’s filled with a recreational center that demonstrates why it’s the perfect family living spot. Canberra is readily accessible and residing in this suburban setting helps you to instantly communicate with the city since it is situated next to the MRT.

Provence Residence Location

Provence Residence Location

The position of the Provence Residence EC is located next to Canberra Walk and Canberra Connect. The region is well related to the surrounding towns of Yishun and Sembawang HDB. It is a desirable residential area that is close to the CBD and has many services and services that would help the future inhabitants of Provence Residence. It enjoys a strategic link.

With several modes of transportation, it is easy to get around in the area and to other areas of Singapore. Canberra is linked by roads and MRT lines, making it ideal for owners of private vehicles and people who utilize public means of transport. The future Canberra MRT station is located near the Provence Home, offering convenient access for people.

Provence Residence is a fast stroll from the Sembawang Shopping Center, having links to a plethora of eating joints, grocery stores, and supermarkets for prospective tenants. Residents should look forward to more retail opportunities, including many shopping attractions in the vicinity, such as Sun Plaza.

Canberra has many leisure amenities that will suit the desires of the resident. Swimming pools and an indoor fitness center and spa are featured in the new Bukit Canberra. So, whether it’s you or your baby, there are enough facilities around you to make you insane.

In Canberra, education is also significant. There are plenty of respectable schools that your children will attend. Canberra Primary Schools and Sembawang Primary School, which are right at the corner of your Provence Residence house, are some of the schools.

Residence Provence Nearby Amenities

The forthcoming Provence Residence EC is within walking distance of significant community shopping centers. Provence Residence retail lovers can enjoy the ease of visiting these shopping services. The shopping malls provide a number of merchandise and facilities that citizens need. This suggests that to satisfy their needs, people would scarcely need to move to remote locations. The malls deliver incredible opportunities because of their eating and entertainment services , in addition to shopping. In your spare time, if you enjoy hanging out in shops, then the malls give a great destination.

The shopping center of Sun Plaza is only a 5-minute drive from Provence Residence EC. The mall is a mixed-use commercial and residential development located between Sembawang Bus Interchange and Sembawang MRT Station along Sembawang Drive. It is one of the area’s two malls. Accessories, clothes, makeup, boots, appliances and more are some of the items you will purchase at Sun Plaza. A library is also featured in the mall.

The Provence Residence is adjacent to the shopping centre of Sembawang. Close to the Sembawang MRT (NS11) shopping center and close to many bus stops for fast commutes. There are several facilities in the mall, such as retail shopping, groceries and more. Restaurants that serve tasty food are also available. Giant Hypermarket is also located next to SSC, providing further shopping opportunities for locals.

In the neighborhood, the addition of Canberra Plaza Mall would boost the shopping scene. There are several numerous communal amenities on the 3 levels, including a children’s water playground, supermarkets, a nautical-themed event plaza and many enrichment centers.

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