MyProperty Malaysia Property Data Bought Over by PropertyGuru

property guru

Property Guru is completely acquiring MyProperty Data, a Malaysian property data firm, via a TechnoDex and Real Estate Solutions share purchasing arrangement. It remained unspecified the scale of the contract.

The South-East Asia-focused property technology community seeks to provide brokers, financial firms, home owners, credit rating companies, valuers and property developers with the most detailed knowledge and insight.

According to PropertyGuru, MyProperty Data offers property data analytics and insights utilizing more than six million unique records for purchases, leases, auctions, new construction and geospatial details, along with patented demographic, venue, liveability and more data sets.

We will spend significantly to increase the products of MyProperty Data, and it will also include increasing the team of product managers, data scientists, developers, sales and marketing experts,”Over the next few months, we will be investing significantly to grow MyProperty Data’s offerings, and it will also entail growing the team with engineers, product managers, data scientists, sales and marketing experts,”

“PropertyGuru and us have collaborated on many occasions, such as in developing a Pricing Insight catered to PropertyGuru and the Home Loan Pre Approval in 2019.” said Joe Hock Thor, managing director of MyPropertyData. said it purchased the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) property portal and real estate data provider for an unspecified sum earlier this month.

The inclusion of SRX is intended to expand the listings, knowledge and data resources pool under the umbrella of the 99 Community.

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