ERA implement new digital innovations for customers and agents


ERA Singapore (ERA) recently marked the change with National Development Minister Desmond Lee of the ERA APAC Centre, which will see the new-look Asia Pacific HQ take shape in 2021.

The agency, the first one operated by a Singapore real estate agent, is poised to become the region’s real estate brand, with digitalisation taking center stage at every touch-point. When its transition is full, its network of trusted advisors would have connections to state-of-the-art technology-powered facilities.

There will be a media space for them to create videos or hold simulated training sessions and meetings complete with cameras, lighting and audio systems. It will also add many immersive LED display screens showing galleries of virtual resources. In addition, a co-working space would allow trustworthy advisors to brainstorm ideas and pursue advice on offline and online channels with their fellow teammates.

The latest world is cyber. As more land sales are done online, a number of digital initiatives have been launched by Age that will boost the end-to-end real estate experience for both clients and trusted advisors.

Property buyers and sellers currently have to experience the quest and screening processes on their own, especially those located overseas. They are unable to completely visualize a unit’s room or deeply explore it from established photos or videos.

There is still a shortage of documentation on designated trustworthy advisors to help promote foreign transfers and maintain the proper and reliable handling of official records. This is where ERA tries the following digital projects to address the gap:

  • Global Referral Network, a global project through its global network to simplify and monitor cross-border property purchasing and sale processes through its master franchisor, ERA Real Estate.
  • Asia Property Expo: In collaboration with PropertyGuru, Asia Virtual Property Expo will include a seamless virtual forum to facilitate cross-border property buying and sale.
  • Digital Signature, In cooperation with Dedoco, can incorporate cryptographic blockchain technologies that will save everybody time with SingPass service Sign. This latest government plan is the first private enterprise to incorporate Age into its operations.
  • Robo Chatbot: In collaboration with YooZoo Sports, Robo Chatbot provides an instant query-response service driven by AI technology that improves the efficiency of trusted advisors.
  • Virtual Tour: In cooperation with Matterport, 3D Video Display & Capturing Services allows trusted advisors to provide convenient and low-cost access to 3D capabilities and AI solutions for virtual marketing of their assets.

This digital projects are examples of how ERA integrates Proptech into our organization to offer a strategic advantage to our valued advisors. We are continually dreaming about breakthroughs in an increasingly digitalised environment to bridge physical obstacles and allow streamlined processes for buyers, sellers and trusted advisors alike. Our mission is to offer customized resources, regardless of where they are based, at any phase of the real estate experience,” said Jack Chua, Chief Executive Officer of ERA.

Technology will really open up new possibilities for trustworthy consultants; however, sadly, smaller agencies do not have this kind of tech help like this collaboration,” says Division Director Yap Chin Chuan, who recently joined ERA because due to the lack of Proptech resources in his previous agency, he had no means to go digital.”

ERA trusted advisors will now enlist their whole global network of more than 40,000 trusted advisors in 2,300 offices in 34 countries to sell their assets or explore properties abroad.

This web gateway, called the Global Referral Network, an online e-commerce referral site operated by global real estate technology company Immobel, helps to quickly fulfill cross-border property demands and country-to-country referrals. To show their involvement in creating a global referral deal, trustworthy advisors have to call or contact the respective Age headquarters beforehand.

In the shape of a referral lifecycle bar, this modern intuitive platform features a real-time food delivery-style” dashboard that displays the status of all participating referral agencies, both incoming and outgoing.

It also helps trustworthy partner advisors to easily refer and exchange between nations, instantly converting their referrals to each nation across the world using their language, currency and measurement unit of preference.

Other main characteristics include:

  • Post Listings: Trustworthy advisors can post properties eligible for buy, leasing or sale and settle on the referral charge they can extend.
  • Database of professionals: Trusted advisors will now search the network-wide profiles of trusted advisors with comprehensive details on the biographies of trusted advisors, language abilities, strengths and more.
  • Instant alerts: Trustworthy consultants can obtain timely notifications of invitations in their regions to request for referrals and new referral articles.
  • Analytics: For quick comparison, a repository of past purchases of trusted advisors.

ERA has implemented the digital document and signature system driven by Dedoco for higher performance, cost-saving, and secure transactions.

Dedoco’s software, an encrypted digital signature application provider, is incorporated with the newly released Sign with SingPass feature by GovTech under the Smart Nation Initiative.

This latest approach would reduce the expense of logistics as well as time spent on providing customer signature paperwork. For property owners, particularly those who are located overseas, it is often more time-efficient and minimizes the chance of interaction and publicity while supporting their clients.

Dedoco’s blockchain-enabled application would further assist ERA in documenting a decentralized audit trail of signature facts to ensure the strictest compliance with data protection and protection, while ensuring real-time authentication of documentation and transactions.

With COVID-19 making a major effect on business transactions, Dedoco is proud to work with ERA to deliver its team of experienced real estate experts with comprehensive automated signature and record processing solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring minimum physical interaction with all signatories through our enterprise blockchain technology, while ensuring that data protection and enforcement are secured to the highest possible standards,” says Daphne Ng, Dedoco’s Executive Director.

The 24/7 Robo Chatbot, an AI-powered conversational app created by the Shanghai-listed entertainment business YOOZOO Games, was also unveiled by ERA.

Trusted advisors will access project knowledge instantly with this WhatsApp chatbot installed in its mobile app (iERA) and intranet (myERA), improving the job performance and effectiveness of trusted advisors.

ERA collaborated with PropertyGuru, the number one property marketplace in Singapore with 75% market share[1], to introduce Asia Virtual Property Expo, the first multi-market virtual property exhibition showcasing over 300 properties and 40 webinars in ten nations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia and the United Kingdom.

From 11 November 2020 to 12 December 2020, interactive booths will be set up for trustworthy advisors to meet and greet their clients, as well as for participating developers around the area to highlight their assets.

For both local and regional properties, consumers may immerse themselves in a 3D immersive viewing experience or register for real estate webinars run by leading experts from around the country.

Experience virtual home viewing, precise measurements and practical floor design for Matterport with 3D Dollhouse

Trusted advisors will perform a comprehensive walkthrough of properties for their clients from wherever, anywhere, by using Matterport’s 3D and AI technologies. With its immersive 3D world, clients can feel as if they are experiencing an actual physical room.

Clients can digitally quantify things such as furniture and household pieces instantly! Moreover, Matterport, which is also mobile-ready, allows trusted advisers to catch any room and simply use their iPhone camera to transform images into an interactive visual twin.

In addition, trusted advisors may also incorporate informative meta tags for multimedia, build highlight reels that include a guided tour of the property for home buyers, and post auto-generated images and videos on social media.

Consumers are no longer content with static images, according to a recent Matterport survey[2], which surveyed 1,000 property buyers and 1,000 property sellers, and will overwhelmingly opt for a more interactive experience. Almost 80 percent of all respondents will turn to a trustworthy advisor providing specified properties with interactive 3D tours.

As a core part of their virtual approach, we’re happy to be working with ERA. At any moment, Matterport technology will open up new standards of collaboration for clients everywhere in the world. The current worldwide circumstance has showed how relevant and impactful 3D capture technology is and digital twins are increasingly becoming a trend in real estate with forward looking real estate companies such as ERA leading the charge,” says Bruce Wells, Managing Director of Matterport APAC.

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