March 7, 2021

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6 Best Property Resources for Agents sourcing for that Leg Up

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Successful Agent

Successful Agent

Competition is fierce, with too many agents employed in the field. You will though, overcome the rivalry by keeping aware of real estate technology developments and studying from experienced pros. Here are the best tools for real estate to support you grow your clientele, boost your productivity and improve your business awareness.


The 3 Strongest Real Estate Agents’ Software Tools

If you’re trying to set yourself apart it’s important to integrate modern tech and apps into your daily company.

  • RealScout. Would you want to enhance your relationship with clients and optimize the usage of data? RealScout serves as a listing mechanism that synchronizes with MLS and allows emails to be automated by agents.

    “Ari Harkov, associate broker and co-head of the Harkov Lewis Team at Halstead Real Estate, says, “The device ‘learns’ based on client tastes and offers some introductory words at the top of any customer email. “On our backend, we can see the activity of our client and interact with them within the system.”

  • DocuSign. The essence of transactions will change as the future becomes more digital. To accelerate your procedures and close deals electronically, use DocuSign.

    “Technology has saved property agents much effort of countless hours since the acceptance of digital documents,” says Ronald Humes, REALTOR┬« and VP of Operations, Southeast Area for Post Modern Marketing. “As a critical part of a real estate agent’s work process, digital signature software, such as DocuSign, has become integrated.”

  • Roomle. Anyone who has sought to market unfurnished listings knows it’s tough. Often agents turn to home stagers to get purchasers involved. Although the stagers are costly. Roomle is a virtual staging program used to furnish empty homes and decorate them. You may easily draw sized floor plans or use a space scanning function and show them with different furnishings and fixtures. Afterwards, to see the room from all sides, you can turn it into a 3D floor plan.


The 3 Recommended Real Estate Consultants Podcasts

Podcasts encourage you to receive tips from experienced traders, so you can benefit during your downtime from experts.

  • Experience Tom Ferry Podcast
    Tom Ferry’s podcast provides tips about how to improve inspiration and meet your maximum potential, focused on his 20 years of experience advising employees.

    REALTOR ┬« Benjamin Ross notes, “Tom Ferry loves to interview successful realtors, asking for their advice, strategies and evaluations of the current real estate market.”

  • Think A CEO Like” Gary Keller has invaluable real estate expertise as the operator of one of the major U.S. real estate firms. Keller reveals the things he’s gained from his podcast and helps agents deal with work-related pressures through strengthening their attitude.
  • New York Good Morning, Real Estate With Vince Rocco” This podcast focuses on the NYC business, but which agent was unwilling to benefit from the wisdom of luxury consumer power brokers?

    A diverse spectrum of experts, from real estate brokers and lawyers to mortgage bankers and stagers, are interviewed by Manhattan broker Vince Rocco in his podcast. With an overview of the local and national economies, he often continues series.

The most valuable asset for real estate

Ultimately, nothing is more advantageous than a solid grasp of the business. “In addition to monthly market reports and local economic news, I read industry news on a daily basis to stay informed about the market says Harkov.

It can help you please buyers, price lists and fuel agreements by being informed regarding local and national markets. So, hold your ear to the ground at all times. To find extra ways to boost the business, check out Zing Blog’s Industry Insider.

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